Security Statement

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ENhanced online security

West Michigan Community Bank is proud to deliver the highest level of security for our Online Banking customers. It's our priority to provide you with a secure website and Online Banking experience.

How can I protect myself?

Never share your password. Never give your password to anyone. Never write it down where anyone can find it or figure out what it is. Change your password often, and be sure that you do not use common words that are found in a dictionary, or numbers in a series. Try using unrelated words and numbers combined together. We require that your password be at least 8 characters in length and contain at least one alpha character. Never access the banking site from a computer that an untrusted individual may have access to. Treat your Access ID and password with more care than you use for your ATM, debit card, or credit card PIN. With the PIN, you need to present the card. Here you only have the password. In addition, you should make sure that no one is physically watching as you enter your password. Also, take standard precautions to keep your computer free from viruses as there are some that are used to capture your keystrokes.

Use the Log Out

Please use our "Log Out" feature if you are going to be away from your computer for an extended period of time. The logout will end your session and you will be forced to submit your username and password before entering Online Banking again. Shutting down your browser is also a good way of preventing others from using your access.

After a period of inactivity your current session on Online Banking will automatically timeout. To restart your session, all you have to do is re-enter your username and password at the log in screen.

Network Security and Monitoring

Firewalls and Intrusion Detection Systems are used to shield our bank systems and proprietary network from any unauthorized Internet traffic. The purpose of a firewall is to ensure only authorized traffic is allowed to pass to our Bank systems and networks all other traffic from the Internet is rejected. Firewalls also create logs of network traffic that allow for centralized auditing and security monitoring. Intrusion Detection Systems allow us to watch for unusual activity or attempts to "hack in" to our system. Once your information is entered, we use an encrypted network to transport data between all our systems and our partners' systems to make online banking secure, and to protect your personal information. Ensuring the security of your financial transactions is an ongoing process at West Michigan Community Bank. As such, we employ around the clock security monitoring of the Online Banking systems and network.


Inquiries sent through our Website pages use secure socket layer (SSL). Since our email response back to you is not secure, we will not include confidential account information in the response. You may also contact us by phone or U.S. mail.

Security Definitions

Encryption: A method of scrambling information while it moves from one source to another to prevent others from reading it.

Online Security: West Michigan Community Bank makes certain security recommendations to help protect your account.

Secure Socket Layer (SSL): A form of encryption that protects information being transmitted over the Internet to prevent tampering while it's in transit.

Secure Transaction: A transaction that is protected from outside tampering.

Firewall: Firewalls are used to shield West Michigan Community Bank's network from the Internet.