Mortgage Loan Process

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Wondering where & how to start the home loan process?

No worries! Not only have we broken it down for you into 9 easy to follow steps, but we'll also be here through the whole process to help with any questions you may come across.

Step 1

Action: Apply over the phone or in person.

Step 2

Action: Meet your loan officer to go over your application information and find the loan that's the perfect fit for you.
Timeframe: 1 Day

Step 3

Action: Provide required documents and sign initial disclosures.
Timeframe: 3-5 Days

Step 4

Action: West Michigan Community Bank orders the appraisal and begins the underwriting process.
Timeframe: 12-14 Days

Step 5

Action: We review approval requirements together.*
Timeframe: 1-3 Days

Step 6

Action: West Michigan Community Bank approves the loan and schedules closing.*
Timeframe: 7-10 Days

Step 7

Action: West Michigan Community Bank mails closing disclosures.**
Timeframe: 2-3 Days

Step 8

Action: Review closing disclosures for a minimum of 3 business days.**
Timeframe: 3 Days

Step 9

Action: Sign closing documents.
Timeframe: 1-3 Days


Overall Timeframe: 30-40 Business Days

*All loans are subject to credit approval. Delay in providing documentation to the bank will result in delay of approval.
**Required by federal law.
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Here at West Michigan Community Bank we offer a variety of checking account options to best meet the needs of all of our customers.

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Work with a local, hands-on lender who is involved in not only your loan, but all your financial needs.